#103 – There! I’ve Said It Again

Without actually listening to this song, I’m going to try to write something about it.

Bobby Vinton was an artist of course most famous for “Blue Velvet,” so I would think that this song is in a similar vein, sort of croony like Sinatra, maybe has some strings along with it. What’s more fun to think about are the lyrical possibilities with that title. Just what is it that he’s said, and even more fascinating, why is it important that we the audience know that he did, in fact, say it again? The fact that the title reads “There!” with the exclamation point included makes the statement following the exclamation, aka whatever it is he said all the more important.

Is Bobby saying: “There! I did the dishes!” or
“There! You can put that sofa down, perfect.” or
“There! I killed your best friend!” or
“There! I pooped in your laundry machine!” or
“There! Officer, there goes the man who shit in my washing machine and killed my best friend! I’ve said that to you at least two times now!”

It is important to remember that he is saying the phrase again, which makes it more than likely that the phrase Vinton is referring to is probably something much more sappy (and less violent and/or disgusting), something like “I love you?” As in “There! I said I love you at least six or seven times now! So what’dya think of that?”

The most interesting fact about this song in particular is that it was the last #1 hit before Beatlemania arrived in the States. So, without even listening to it, I can tell you that it was the one of the last of a dying breed. Sure, there would be songs like this, and artists like Bobby Vinton who would experience success after the Beatles landed, but, success was far more difficult to attain. “There! I Said it Again” hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 on January 4th, 1964, and stayed at the top for four consecutive weeks, until everyone in the US lost their collective minds.

Okay, I listened to it – it’s about love, and it’s really not that great.

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