Review: CHVRCHES – Get Out

Sometimes a band doesn’t need to change their formula to make things sound fresh.

Now beginning their third album cycle in just under five years, the Glasgowian three piece CHVRCHES has continued to impress with their unique, consistent brand of melodic, synth pop. Fronted by the angelic, piercing voice of Lauren Mayberry, CHVRCHES haven’t changed much since their first single “The Mother We Share” became an alternative hit back in 2013 simply because they haven’t needed to. The old adage goes that you shouldn’t fix what isn’t broken, and that seems to fit well for CHVRCHES. After all, they have already delivered two consistently great albums: the single driven The Bones of What We Believe, and the more cohesive full album effort Every Open Eye, so why try to change things?

According to the band themselves, their third album, Love is Dead (release TBD) is “the most pop stuff we’ve done and also the most aggressive and vulnerable at the same time,” and the first single from the album “Get Out” would appear to fit that bill pretty well. Its repetitive, uber poppy chorus is the center attraction here, with Mayberry’s vocal track once again front and center in front of synthesized hand claps and bubbling, joyous synth lines. The lyrics could be considered a little more biting than previous work, reminding me of a more synthetic and less punk version of Paramore, with Mayberry singing that “good intentions never good enough,” but that’s a line that’s hard to really feel given the downright joyous atmosphere of the rapturous instrumental track and CHVRCHES trademark shimmering pop sheen. Perhaps “Get Out” is just a preview of some of the deeper personal themes that could run through Love is Dead – only time will tell how much these “vulnerable” themes will actually pervade through their third LP.

Not only does the artwork for “Get Out” feature a large X through a black heart, the video for the song shows a phone number to call where Lauren Mayberry recites the following poem: “I’ve got no more time to hear what you think about me/Because all your words are so cold, so callous, so clean/I’ve got no more time to hear who you think we should blame/Because all your words are so vial, so vicious, so vain.”

“Get Out” is the product of the band’s collaboration with producer Greg Kurstin who has picked up the Grammy for Producer of the Year two years in a row. Kurstin is known for playing well with pop artists like Adele, Sia, and Kelly Clarkson, so him working with CHVRCHES would seem to be a great match, though you have to wonder if the band are sacrificing some of their lyrical strength to be slightly more radio friendly. For now, the song is another great addition to the band’s already impressive lineup of singles, and gives us hope that their third album will be just as great as their first two.


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