Seasonal Playlist – Summer 2019

Long time no see. It’s been awhile.

A lot has changed for me in the past four months, and to use a few classic blog tropes: “I haven’t had time to write,” “I haven’t felt like writing,” and “I’ve been so busy.” Life happens, and there are times when you just don’t feel like staring at a computer, or using your brain for any more time than you have to. I’ve dealt with writer’s block before, but, very rarely have I gone nearly six months without even really trying to post anything, ever.

Even now, I’m struggling to really elaborate on what’s been going on in my head. In person, I’m a talking machine – some would say I talk too much – but when the time comes for me to sit and actually churn something out, boom – it all goes blank. I haven’t gotten sick of writing, nor have I hit a rut in listening to music; if anything all the trauma that I went through this past summer have made me fall in love with music even more, something which I didn’t really think was possible. I guess during those times of crisis, you don’t have to have any solid ideas, or put pen to paper to show your appreciation for something. Sometimes, it’s better to just listen and not worry about it.

Speaking of trauma, the future me will probably read this one day in search of how I felt at this moment in time after going through six weeks of, well, absolute torture. Well, you nostalgia monster, here’s how you felt: tired. With everyday bringing a new thing, you got through it. Life isn’t gonna be the same from here on out, but it’s tough telling those who know about the situation that it’s a good thing. As I sit here, the work is far from over, but maybe something resembling a normal life isn’t too far away.

For those of you who are new to these playlists, I have two rules when compiling a seasonal playlist like this:

  1. In keeping consistent with the fact that I could only fit around 80 minutes onto a CD-R back in the day, the total length of any individual playlist can’t greatly exceed that same mark. I try to keep each playlist to about 20-23 tracks, or about 80 minutes long.
  2. No distinct artist can appear more than once on any individual playlist. This helps diversify what can appear on a playlist, and provide a different palette of musical sounds and memories for future listening.

This playlist covers the period of time from May through August 2019. While reading this, I invite you to think about the songs that you listened to, and the memories that they conjure up.

mind makes noisesKiss
Pale Waves
My Mind Makes Noises (2018)

A simple pop recipe: combine equal parts Taylor Swift’s stadium rattling 1989 with the synth pop bliss of artists like CHVRCHES or La Roux, and add a dash of the Cure’s visual aesthetics for good measure and you have…Pale Waves. In all reality, this band is goth more in spirit than in their songs, but there’s something to be said about the intriguing combination of black lipstick, pantsuits, and sugar-fueled pop music. Their debut full length, My Mind Makes Noises is full of new-wave/synth pop bangers about love lost, desire, romance, and driving “fast to feel something,” but “Kiss” is the most anthemic and over the top of the bunch, filled with wall to wall vocal and instrumental hooks. Look no further if you want to escape via pop music.

hieroStep to My Girl
Souls of Mischief
Hiero Oldies: Volume One (2003)

You’re driving with the windows down on one of about a dozen absolutely beautiful days of the year. It’s not too hot or too cold, there’s a breeze coming in through the window and the air is fresh. There’s not a damn cloud in the sky, and there’s no traffic in front of you. It doesn’t matter where you’re coming from or where you’re going – in this moment, everything is perfect.

d8594e9b13b20dc94bf1d9c32e4dd98bb1d30934Someday (Triple J Like A Version)
Julia Jacklin
Someday (orig. rec 2017)

“Frission (french for “shiver”) is a psycho-physiological response to a rewarding auditory and/or visual stimuli that induces a pleasurable or otherwise positively-valenced affective state and transient parensthesia (skin tingling or chills), sometimes along with goosebumps and pupil dilation. The sensation commonly occurs as a mildly to moderately pleasurable emotional response to music with skin tingling. The stimuli that produce this response are unique to each individual.”

Seneca B
Sunshine (2018)

Sometimes you just need to slow things down, and this past summer, I found myself going towards slower, melodic, more atmospheric vibes with everything else in my life swirling around me. “Sunshine,” is drowned in melancholy and regret, but also hopefulness. Over softly picked acoustic guitar, croons and a crisp clacking rhythm, this song may pass by you as nothing more than being a song with chill vibes, but at least to me, it speaks to me of learning from the past, and moving forward.

Thanks for reading! Check out my full Summer 2019 playlist on Spotify below.

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