Coronavirus Playlist – Week 1

We live in weird times, my friends. Here’s some of what I was listening to this past week as the world came to a stop.


move alongMove Along – The All-American Rejects (2005)

People eat comfort food during tough times, so maybe pop-punk is my “comfort music.” Move Along was one of my favorite albums during high school, and I kept coming back to it this past week as things escalated and I was looking for an escape. An album known for more for its big singles, Move Along on the whole is a remarkably consistent pop-punk album. The Rejects sound tighter overall, with lead singer Tyson Ritter sounding clearer and more confident than ever. But the big change here is that the band really lets the guitars loose – they are flashy, polished, and everywhere – effortlessly propelling the album forward and rarely letting up.

Viral Tracks: Dance Inside, Move Along, I’m Waiting


floatFloat – Flogging Molly (2008)

St. Patrick’s Day was this past week, and the two main staples of mid-March, wearing green to work and watching college basketball, were conspicuously absent. But that didn’t stop me from listening to my favorite Celtic-rock album, Flogging Molly’s Float. While we remain in our homes, maybe we can take some of the lyrics of the title track to heart: “breath, it’s all you can.”

Viral Tracks: Float, From the Back of a Broken Dream


The_Doors_-_L.A._Woman“Riders on the Storm” – The Doors (1971)

Halfway between dream and reality, Morrison’s deep, moody vocals on the classic “Riders on the Storm” and the rest of the Doors bluesy, punch-drunk L.A. Woman fit my general malaise perfectly as we all try to re-adjust to a new way of life.

Right now, we’re all in the middle of our own storm – one day we’ll look back and think about how crazy it all was. But, it’s important to stay positive and remember that all of this madness will end; we don’t know exactly when – but it will. Distracting myself from all the terrible news happening right now, and the way I’m doing that is through music. Everyone has their own coping mechanisms. Use them. Stay inside. Stay safe. Listen to the Doors. Trust me, it’ll make you feel better.



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