“Here, Have A Grammy”

Growing up, I had a routine. Get home from school, watch afternoon cartoons, eat dinner, start homework, and then watch the best the back-to-back TV shows you could ask for, Seinfeld at 7 PM, and then The Simpsons at 7:30 PM. As pathetic as it sounds, it was those two shows that shaped the sort of person I became. The Simpsons was especially influential during my formative years – while many of the plots and themes of Seinfeld went over my head (had no idea what “The Contest” was until about 14 or 15 years old), the Simpsons would use both physical and witty humor that seeped into my mind over the course of many years. While there are other great animated shows out there, the Simpsons, seasons 3-10 (and don’t let the haters fool you – there were even some great episodes going into Seasons 14 and 15), was the cream of the crop, and arguably the best show on TV.

Why do I bring all this up? Many of you are probably familiar with the “Simpsons did it” or “Simpsons predicted it” joke that’s been on the internet for years, popping up intermittently after some major events. While it started as a South Park joke where Butters/Professor Chaos thought of different evil schemes to terrorize the town only to find out that the “Simpsons already did it,” recently, the Simpsons has been credited with “predicting” the election of Donald Trump, and “predicting” that Lady Gaga would fly through the air in the same way she did at the Super Bowl LI. While I’m not a big believer in the prediction abilities of a wayward cartoon show that has all but skateboarded off of a cliff and into a gorge (Simpsons did it), I do believe that the Simpsons delivered some great commentary and just so happen to hit the nail on the head sometimes.

One of the best running gags/bits of social commentary they did was hating on the Grammys, before it was commonplace. The Simpsons absolutely tore into the validity of the Grammys over and over again; namely, that they weren’t a real award, and that they were better off in the trash than over the mantle place. In honor of the Grammys earlier this week, here’s a shortlist of the put-downs that the show gave the “prestigious” award:

Homer: “Why won’t anyone give me an award?”
Marge: “You won a Grammy”
Homer: “I mean an award that’s worth winning.”

Elton John: “Oh, that’s very sweet. Have a Grammy”
Homer: “Uhhhhhhh….” *tosses Grammy in nearby garbage can*

Homer: *tips the bellboy with a Grammy* “Here”
Bellboy: “Wow! An award statue! Oh, it’s a Grammy.”
*tosses Grammy over balcony ledge*

Narrator: “‘Simpsons Boogie,’ ‘Lovely to Love Your Lovin’,’ and ‘Simpsons Christmas Boogie’ went Mega-Platinum and swept the Grammys.”
Ozzy Osborne: “Right, and the award for Best Hardcore Thrash Metal goes to…SIMPSONS CHRISTMAS BOOGIE?!”
*Simpsons stand up already struggling to hold Grammys*
*Ozzy proceeds to bite off top of Grammy Award, blood spews from award*

It’s not like the Simpsons were the only ones questioning the validity of the Grammys in the 90s and 00s, after all Milli Vanilli won the Grammy for Best New Artist in 1990 even though they didn’t actually sing on the album, and now, with the hive-mind of the internet, we find more and more people attacking the Grammy Awards as biased, racist, and usually given to the “safe” artists, an opinion which I happen to 100% agree on. But, more on that later.


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