Album Review: Superorganism

A band catered to the 21st century way of life, Superorganism is an eight piece “collective” that combines trip-hop beats with indie vocals amid a smattering of manufactured sounds. If this sounds like an odd balance, you’re right. The band, made up of members from all around the world, walks a tightrope between Avalanches or Gorillaz like pop but with a twist of more digital, synthetic effects that makes their music more bouncy, but also a little more difficult. Despite its strange aesthetic, there’s no doubt that the sound itself is fresh. It’s strange and scattered music for a strange and scattered world.

The members of Superorganism, with lead singer Orono Noguchi in green.

Their debut self titled album, Superorganism is a quick listen: only ten tracks adding up to 33 minutes of running time, but that plays to its benefit. The artificial effects give each song a little individuality, but its clear that these songs are cut from the same, odd, mid-tempo cloth. That isn’t such a bad thing when talking about standout tracks like the bouncy singles “Something For Your M.I.N.D,” or “Nobody Cares” which ride the wave of artificial noise to weird, poppy glory – in fact, despite there being eight “cooks in this kitchen,” there aren’t any clear missteps on this album. If you like the sound of one song, you’re probably going to like the rest of them, though with such a diverse and eclectic mix of sounds on the album, it’s relatively easy to get too lost here if you’re not paying close enough attention. With a band so dependent on one sort of sound, it’s hard to imagine how they’ll follow this album up. Obviously, this is a band with a lot of creativity and interesting things to put on the musical table, but, the general feeling is that this album doesn’t reach the apex of what they’re truly capable of.

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