Coronavirus Playlist – Week 5

Here’s what I was listening to as it snowed in Mid-April, and Marathon Monday was…just another Monday.

alvvays new coverAntisocialites – Alvvays (2017)

With an album title that seems too spot on for these times, Alvvays hits all the nooks and crannies of fuzzy, indie pop on their second album, Antisocialites. So far, they’ve released 19 songs over two studio albums, but this is the one that I find myself coming back to, and getting more obsessed with every time I do. It’s the more dynamic record, swinging from the careening, effervescent bubblegum pop of “Lollipop (Ode to Jim)” or “Plimsoul Punks” to the devastatingly beautiful “Dreams Tonite” or “Not My Baby” without missing a step. This variety – combined with the fact that Alvvays doesn’t abandon the core sound that they had already nearly perfected on their self-titled debut – makes Antisocialites one of the most complete alt/indie albums I’ve had the pleasure of listening to, and leaves me wanting so much more.

Viral Tracks: Lollipop (Ode to Jim), Saved By A Waif, Dreams Tonite

fatboyYou’ve Come A Long Way, Baby – Fatboy Slim (1998)

Fatboy Slim’s second album, You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby couldn’t have come from any other era besides the late 90s. Combining the dance sounds of the decade (specifically acid-house, trip-hop, and breakbeat), Fatboy Slim (along with others like The Chemical Brothers and the Prodigy) were the leaders of the resulting genre known as big beat. This is simultaneously a dated and a revelatory listen for me, mainly because I was far too young to understand all the things at play here when I listened to “The Rockafeller Skank” on NOW 3. If you can get past the heavy 90s tropes here, this is an extremely positive and head-bopping record.

Viral Tracks: Praise You, Love Island, Gangster Trippin

Tenacious_D_album_coverTenacious D – Tenacious D (2001)

Doing both comedy and music at the same time is a tough order to fill, but the legendary Tenacious D fill that order with acoustic metal gusto. I’m a bit surprised with myself that I hadn’t listened to this album in full before, especially since I’ve known all the lyrics to “Tribute” (with vocalizations) for quite some time, and have listened to comedy bands like Flight of the Conchords and The Lonely Island for years. Complete with off the wall skits, well crafted power-chord based melodies, and a superstar lineup of musicians, Tenacious D will literally blow your mind with their rock prowess, and also may provide you with a little bit of laughter in a time when we all so desperately need it.

Viral Tracks: Kielbasa, Explosivo, City Hall/I Believe Medley

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